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About Keith Allred

Whether working in applied roles such as a mediator, consultant, and COO or as an internationally recognized scholar, Keith Allred is driven by his passion for practical problem solving.

Keith’s problem-solving success is grounded in a thorough knowledge of the most rigorous empirical research. From 1994 to 2003 Keith conducted ground-breaking research in negotiation and conflict resolution and group decision making at Columbia University and at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he was also a faculty member for the Program on Negotiation at Harvard law School. After returning to Idaho, Keith has continued to teach in executive programs at Harvard, Oxford, and the new executive MBA program at Boise State University. He is published in top tier journals, The Harvard Business Review, and The Handbook of Negotiation. Keith knows what works and what doesn’t.

This knowledge has been a strong foundation for Keith’s applied work. Keith is currently a principal at the Cicero Group, a leading strategy consulting and market research firm based in Salt Lake City. Prior to Cicero, Keith served as COO of Health Catalyst, a company that helps hospital systems improve quality and decrease costs through a combination of its data warehouse software applications and organizational change methodologies. Keith’s work played a critical role in concluding a deal in 2011 with Sequoia Capital, the world’s leading venture capital firm. To both of these roles Keith brought years of experience helping leaders of organizations adopt needed change. He has led the integration of business strategy and organizational change at portfolio companies and consulting clients. Keith’s clients include Chevron, Dow Chemical, Hughes, Micron, Sante Fe Railway, and the JR Simplot Company. He is the co-founder of, one of the early providers of on-line 360 degree feedback.

Keith is also the founder and a director of The Common Interest, a citizens’ group of more than 1,700 Republicans, Democrats, and independents. The organization works to identify and champion solutions in the Idaho Legislature that are so obviously in everyday citizens’ interests that they attract support across the lines that usually divide us. The extraordinary tract record of legislative accomplishments at The Common Interest led the Democratic Party to make the unusual move of asking him, as an independent, to be their nominee for Governor of Idaho in 2010.

Keith holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a BA in American History from Stanford University. He loves skiing, backpacking,fly-fishing, and snow machining. He grew up working summers on his grandpa’s cattle ranch and now competes on cutting horses and has twice gone to the national championships. He is married to Christine Edwards Allred. They live in Boise, Idaho, with their three children Anna, Dan, and Cate.

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